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Four of TBiO’s members cosplaying from Attack on Titan! 
Inkypop was a saint and made everyone their jackets! 
Levi l Jean l Marco l Annie

ACen 2014: GANGSTA.

One. Two. Three.

Marco | Alex | Nicolas Photographer TBiO tumblr | TBiO DA

ACen 2014: GANGSTA.

Three of a Kind

Alex | Nicolas | Marco Photographer | TBiO tumblr | TBiO DA

ACen 2014: Kingdom Hearts 2

Darkness of the Unknown

We had a lot of fun in these costumes, and got so many kind comments! It was unbelievable!

Sora | Riku | Photographer | TBiO tumblr | TBiO DA


I, the Yato God, lay waste with the Sekki… and expel thy vast defilement!
Yato l Photographer l The Bet is Off

Inkypop took some great pictures of my Yato at Shutocon this weekend ;u; I’m really happy with how this turned out! Also shout out to everyone who put up with me handing business cards to them ah haaah

A few members of TBiO made it to Shutocon this past weekend. Here’s Alaina in her Yato cosplay. Doesn’t she look fantastic? 

We decided to do a snow shoot. It was definitely cold, but we managed to endure it. More pictures up soon!

Koujaku | Photographer

Almacon 2014: Attack on Titan: A Choice With No Regrets

"The original Levi squad"

Farlan | Levi | Isabel 


Hey, everyone! We just wanted to post and say sorry that we’re adding watermarks to a lot of our pictures now. We know that they detract from the image, but after getting one picture of ours stolen, we thought that it, unfortunately, was necessary. Thank you so much for your patience with this, and for all of our new followers! <3

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Cosplay Buddies - Almacon

While at Almacon, our Choice With No Regrets group became great friends with a Shiganshina trio! Because the con was crowded, we developed a buddy system so we wouldn’t lose each other! At the end of the day, we took pictures with our buddies to commemorate the con. We’re super excited to run into them at another convention in the future!

Levi | Eren | Isabel | Mikasa | Farlan | Armin

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